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  1. JoH
    A quantitative multi-hazard risk assessment framework for compound flooding considering hazard inter-dependencies and interactions
    Ming, Xiaodong, Liang, Qiuhua, Dawson, Richard, Xia, Xilin, and Hou, Jingming
    Journal of Hydrology 2022
  2. Development of an SDG interlinkages analysis model at the river basin scale: a case study in the Luanhe River Basin, China
    Zhou, Xin, Moinuddin, Mustafa, Renaud, Fabrice, Barrett, Brian, Xu, Jiren, Liang, Qiuhua, Zhao, Jiaheng, Xia, Xilin, Bosher, Lee, Huang, Suiliang, and Hoey, Trevor
    Sustainability Science 2022
  3. A coupled discrete element and depth-averaged model for dynamic simulation of flow-like landslides
    Su, Xiaoli, Xia, Xilin, Liang, Qiuhua, and Hou, Jingming
    Computers and Geotechnics 2022


  1. Landslides
    Movement process analysis of the high-speed long-runout Shuicheng landslide over 3-D complex terrain using a depth-averaged numerical model
    Zhao, Weihua, Xia, Xilin, Su, Xiaoli, Liang, Qiuhua, Liu, Xiuwei, and Ju, Nengpan
    Landslides 2021
  2. Large-scale flood risk assessment under different development strategies: the Luanhe River Basin in China
    Zhao, Jiaheng, Liang, Qiuhua, Chen, Huili, Xia, Xilin, Xu, Jiren, Hoey, Trevor, Barrett, Brian, Renaud, Fabrice, Bosher, Lee, and Xin, Zhou.
    Sustainability Science 2021
  3. EMS
    A coupled hydrodynamic and particle-tracking model for full-process simulation of nonpoint source pollutants
    Jiang, Jinghua, Liang, Qiuhua, Xia, Xilin, and Hou, Jingming
    Environmental Modelling and Software 2021
  4. ADWR
    Innovations towards the next generation of shallow flow models
    Özgen-Xian, Ilhan, Xia, Xilin, Liang, Qiuhua, Hinkelmann, Reinhard, Liang, Dongfang, and Hou, Jingming
    Advances in Water Resources 2021


  1. JoH
    A deep convolutional neural network model for rapid prediction of fluvial flood inundation
    Kabir, Syed, Patidar, Sandhya, Xia, Xilin, Liang, Qiuhua, Neal, Jeffrey, and Pender, Gareth
    Journal of Hydrology 2020
  2. ADWR
    A novel 1D-2D coupled model for hydrodynamic simulation of flows in drainage networks
    Li, Qian, Liang, Qiuhua, and Xia, Xilin
    Advances in Water Resources 2020


  1. City-scale hydrodynamic modelling of urban flash floods: the issues of scale and resolution
    Xing, Y., Liang, Q., Wang, G., Ming, X., and Xia, X.
    Natural Hazards 2019
  2. ADWR
    A full-scale fluvial flood modelling framework based on a high-performance integrated hydrodynamic modelling system (HiPIMS)
    Xia, Xilin, Liang, Qiuhua, and Ming, Xiaodong
    Advances in Water Resources 2019


  1. ADWR
    A new efficient implicit scheme for discretising the stiff friction terms in the shallow water equations
    Xia, Xilin, and Liang, Qiuhua
    Advances in Water Resources 2018
  2. EG
    A new depth-averaged model for flow-like landslides over complex terrains with curvatures and steep slopes
    Xia, Xilin, and Liang, Qiuhua
    Engineering Geology Feb 2018


  1. High-performance simulation technologies for water-related natural hazards
    Xia, Xilin
    Feb 2017
  2. WRR
    An efficient and stable hydrodynamic model with novel source term discretization schemes for overland flow and flood simulations
    Xia, Xilin, Liang, Qiuhua, Ming, Xiaodong, Hou, Jingming, Lu, Xinhua, Mao, Bing, Dong, Bingjiang, Xia, Xilin, Liang, Qiuhua, Ming, Xiaodong, and Hou, Jingming
    Water Resources Research May 2017


  1. EMS
    A GPU-accelerated smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) model for the shallow water equations
    Xia, Xilin, and Liang, Qiuhua
    Environmental Modelling and Software May 2016
  2. Catchment-scale High-resolution Flash Flood Simulation Using the GPU-based Technology
    Liang, Q., Xia, X., and Hou, J.
    In Procedia Engineering May 2016
  3. New prospects for computational hydraulics by leveraging high-performance heterogeneous computing techniques *
    LIANG, Qiuhua, SMITH, Luke, and XIA, Xilin
    Journal of Hydrodynamics May 2016