a list of software that I develop and maintain.


HiPIMS standards for High-Performance Integrated hydrodynamic Modelling System. It uses state-of-art numerical schemes (Godunov-type finite volume) to solve the 2D shallow water equations for flood simulations. To support high-resolution flood simulations, HiPIMS is implemented on multiple GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) using CUDA/C++ languages to achieve high-performance computing. Since HiPIMS has a modular and flexible structure, it has a great potential to be further developed for other applications in hydrological science as long as the problem can be solved on a uniform rectangular grid.

Link to HiPIMS


Pypims is built upon the open-source software hipims-cuda. Pypims provides an user friendly Python-based interface for users to prepare the inputs, run the hipims-cuda model and visualise the outputs.

Link to PyPIMS