a list of software that Dr Xilin Xia has contributed to.


SynxFlow is an open-source model capable of dynamically simulating flood inundation and debris flows using CUDA-enabled GPUs. It features a user-friendly yet versatile Python interface and seamlessly integrates with tools such as Numpy, Pandas, and GDAL for efficient processing of inputs, simulation execution, and output visualisation. With the acceleration of modern GPUs, SynxFlow can complete large-scale simulations in just minutes, making it an ideal solution for integrating into data science workflows to streamline and accelerate natural hazard risk assessment, empowering both research and business applications

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HiPIMS standards for High-Performance Integrated hydrodynamic Modelling System. HiPIMS is an open source flood Modelling suite developed and maintained by Prof Qiuhua Liang and his team in Loughborough University. HiPIMS-CUDA is one version of HiPIMS. It uses state-of-art numerical schemes (Godunov-type finite volume) to solve the 2D shallow water equations for flood simulations. To support high-resolution flood simulations, HiPIMS-CUDA is implemented on multiple GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) using CUDA/C++ languages to achieve high-performance computing.

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Pypims is a further development HiPIMS-CUDA. Pypims provides an user friendly Python-based interface for users to prepare the inputs, run the hipims-cuda model and visualise the outputs.

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